Grow Your Business With Chuck Jordan Insurance

We have small business insurance in Hot Springs, AR

Is your business protected? At Chuck Jordan Insurance, we have partnered with Nationwide – the #1 small business insurer in the United States. We’re one of the only Nationwide agents in the Hot Springs, AR area.

business insurance

Chuck Jordan Insurance has many different types of business policies to choose from. Below are some of the preferred plans for businesses:

  • Property insurance. Protects the physical assets of your business from a fire that could destroy your building or a burst water pipe that could damage your documents – along with a range of other hazards.
  • Liability insurance. Covers the day-to-day uncertainties of business management, such as accidents that occur on-site, off-site, with employees and with customers.
  • Commercial auto insurance. Protects company vehicles that carry employees, products or equipment in the case of damage or collision.

To safeguard your business, call 501-624-4105 and schedule a consultation with Chuck Jordan Insurance.